Made By Sundari focuses on providing jewellery that beautifies the body as well as nurturing the soul. We recognise and honour the deeper symbolism behind adorning the body with jewellery. Our bodies are described in the ancient Indian texts as a Temple because they house our eternal self, the soul. With this in mind we can also decorate our own bodies to love and respect our true selves.

Beautifying the body is also an act of self care, in the same way we look after our physical and mental health, we too can adorn the Temple of our body in gratitude. We hope to share with all of you this intention of honouring the body through the ritual of self care.

We are a small family run business that chooses to work with businesses of the same nature. We work with small family run businesses around the world who have been crafting these sacred materials for generations. We have created strong relationships with these suppliers to ensure the highest quality product for you.

All of our jewellery has been blessed with love and prayers and some designs carry special protection and spiritual qualities with our bespoke kavachas (lockets)

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