Sacred Process


All our jewellery is created with the utmost love, care and intention; from material selection to aesthetics. In keeping with our ethos of ethical business, all our necklaces are lovingly hand made in the Spain by myself and my talented husband Madhva!

As well as natural gems and metals, our limited edition Malas and necklaces are made of Tulasi and Rudraksha  – materials revered in Yogic texts as having specific qualities to aid one in the journey of the Soul.


Tulasi is an ancient sacred plant used to increase our love and devotion and to guide us in our spiritual path. Also known as Goddess Vrinda, who is seen as the mother of bhakti which is the sanskrit word for LOVE in action.

In the bhakti yoga tradition, Tulasi has always been used and is greatly revered for her ability to increase the potency of our prayers and our love for the Divine. The wooden beads made from this sacred plant are used for mantra meditation, as well as worn for spiritual protection.

We sustainibly source our Tulasi from the holy town of Vrindavan in India, the birth place of Krishna.


Found growing in the Himalayas, the Rudraksha seed is considered to be one of the most spiritually powerful materials available to Yogis for meditation and protection. The name Rudraksha means ‘The eyes of Shiva’, as the Vedic texts speak about a time when Lord Shiva meditated for the welfare of mankind and emerged crying tears of compassion. They possess a deep energy and are said to bless one with peace of mind.


We carefully hand pick all of the beautiful gemstones that are used in our jewellery, ensuring the highest quality and beauty of each and every piece. If you would like to know any of the individual stone properties, you can always drop us a private message.


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