Thank you for being here and for opening your heart to the beautiful art of Sacred Ornamentation. At the heart of this family run business is a small team headed by myself, Sundari. Jewellery making has been a lifelong practice in my family. My mother made jewellery and from a young age she shared with me the beauty of this art. She taught me the importance of finding creative forms of expression that encouraged presence of mind and guided me to meditate on my intention as I made my jewellery.

My mother also shared with me the practice of Bhakti, which has been my life’s greatest gift. Bhakti is the process of reawakening our loving relationship with the Divine and it’s essence lies in acts of service. Through giving, I receive, and I learn more about myself with each person that I help. Influenced by this, I chose to study holistic sciences which allowed me to help others in my day to day work. I trained in yoga, Ayurveda, nutrition and mindfulness whilst continuing to develop Made By Sundari. I now offer yoga classes, Ayurvedic consultations, womens retreats and work alongside various charities to share mindfulness in line with Bhakti yoga.

As well as this I have experienced a deep calling to explore women’s wellness and so I have spent many years discovering the beauty and uniqueness of women, focusing on their unique cycles and their innate connection with nature. This has become my life’s passion and I have experienced infinite joy in bringing women together to harness their love, strength, softness and ability. Working with them to empower each other from within, recognising that we are all part of the same tribe and learning together to support each other.



Intention can have a profoundly powerful effect on our lives and it is something I always try to meditate on before starting any activity. I would like to invite you to start this practice in your own life if you haven’t started already!


All our jewellery is created with the utmost love, care and intention; from material selection to aesthetics. In keeping with our ethos of ethical business, the majority our necklaces are lovingly hand made in the Uk.

Our necklaces are made using combinations of gemstones, silver, gold and brass alongside Tulasi wood and Rudraksha – materials revered in Yogic texts as having specific qualities to aid one in the journey of the Soul.


Tulasi is an ancient sacred plant used to increase our love and devotion and to guide us in our spiritual path. Also known as Goddess Vrinda, who is seen as the mother of bhakti which is the sanskrit word for LOVE in action.

In the bhakti yoga tradition, Tulasi has always been used and is greatly revered for her ability to increase the potency of our prayers and our love for the Divine. The wooden beads made from this sacred plant are used for mantra meditation, as well as worn for spiritual protection.

We sustainably source our Tulasi from the holy town of Vrindavan in India, the birth place of Krishna.

If you have any questions, please contacts us, we love to hear from you!

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