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Meet The Artist

SundariNamaste… My name is Sundari Riccio and I am the designer of Sundari, Jewellery for the Soul. Thank you for being here and for opening your heart to the beautiful art of Sacred Ornamentation. As a life long practitioner of Bhakti Yoga, my aim is to infuse every piece of jewellery I make with the intention of Devotion, and to transfer this energy to the wearer.

Through many years of working in this field, I have developed a deep respect and love for the subtle qualities of precious materials on the body and mind, and I believe that jewellery can be much more than a beautiful piece to wear- it can change the consciousness of the wearer and aid one in the path of self- awareness.

I sincerely hope that this endeavour can be a tool for you in crafting a life that is more joyful, spiritual and abundant.

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